A Huge Step Forward

New faces in the pipeline
Sorry for the silence over the past few weeks but this has not been down to lack of activity. A lot of effort has been going on behind the scenes as we work to raise the profile of the ColorFlash project. 

To this end we have been in negotiation with some very high profile figures from within the football community. Within the next few days we will be in a position to name two new advisers to ColorFlash. If you are a fan of football you should recognise the names and faces immediately!

As ever we strive to raise our own profile, but if we are to do that effectively in football's corridors of power then we need to recruit suitably well-known and respected footballing figures to endorse our proposals.

So watch this space and expect a very interesting update in the next few days!

If this all makes sense to you please take a couple of minutes to look at the Home page of this website and explore a little.
It's not just our football!
Welcome To Our New Expert Advisor

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