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VAR and its implementation

Our ColorFlash Advisory Board member, Keith Hackett, participated in a top-rated annual conference – organised as a webinar for 2020 – earlier this week. The event was coordinated from Portugal. Keith was sharing ideas with colleagues including those from the German Bundesliga, MLS, Liga Portugal and the former head of refereeing from New Zealand Football

The main subject was VAR and its implementation. A special guest to the conference was Welsh Rugby Union refereeing giant, Nigel Owens, which sounds eminently sensible as rugby has probably executed off-field to on-field communication from the TV replay booth better than most sports. All participants highlighted the increasing difficulties of acts of simulation (diving) and shirt pulling. MLS said that VAR had provided some deterrent but that the problem still exists. 

It is our assertion that this type of discourse is playing directly to the strengths of ColorFlash and it clearly demonstrates that mainstream thinking in football is marching straight up our garden path even though it does not yet realise it! 

This particular conference is entitled “Future of Football” and it is our intention for ColorFlash to be on the agenda in the 2021 event.

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February 11, 2021
February 11, 2021
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