Goodbye Paolo Rossi

Death of a Champion
The sport of football is all the poorer this morning with news of the death of Paolo Rossi at the age of 64. He may not have been the most iconic player of his generation, indeed his career was a bit up and down at times, but anyone who saw his performances in the 1982 World Cup could not have failed to have been enchanted by the finishing skills of a true great. His hat-trick in Italy's win over Brazil is probably one of the best-loved memories of Spain 1982.
Although Rossi was primarily known as a striker who mainly operated in the penalty area, he began his career as a right winger, and in his later career with Juventus, he was also deployed as a supporting forward, owing to the offensive attributes of the club's new signings in midfield, in particular Zbigniew Boniek and Michel Platini, where his role frequently involved holding up the ball or dragging opponents out of position to create space for his teammates' runs with his excellent attacking movement off the ball.

It is so sad that just as we finish mourning Diego Armando Maradona we must turn our thoughts to the man dubbed by the Spanish press as Pablito and the torero. 

A sad, sad day.
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