Scotland Were Robbed!

Poor Old Scotland
OK. I must admit to having a dog in this fight. I am a Scot. But that does not alter the fact that Scotland were denied a stonewall penalty in the 6th minute of the UEFA Nations League match with Israel on Friday evening.

If you have the tools to do so, take a look at the match highlights and concentrate on the action at 5' 35" – as the ball was crossed into the box John McGinn attempts to meet the cross but the Israeli left-back, Taleb Tawatha, grabs a handful of shirt and completely spins the Scotland player away from the ball. PENALTY!
So why is this probably the first time that you are hearing about it? Probably it is because I watch matches with the pull on the shirt always prominent in my mind. This is a symptom of my own training as a referee. The Slovenian referee and his assistant, who was pretty much up with play, completely missed the incident as did the TV commentators, as did the radio commentators, as did all the pundits. The nature of the offence is such that it is so fleeting in its perpetration that the naked eye can miss it so easily.

If ColorFlash was being used last night the incident would not even have been up for discussion. Pull ➜ shirt changes colour to indicate foul ➜ penalty. Simple.

As it was, Scotland eventually were awarded a rather dubious penalty just before half-time so justice was maybe eventually seen to be done.

Incidentally, no criticism is levelled at the Slovenian officials who had a relatively low-key 90 minutes all in all.

If this all makes sense to you please take a couple of minutes to look at the Home page of this website and explore a little.

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