Some Players Just Can't Help Themselves!

Cheats, cheats and more cheats...
Probably the most common of the ever-diminishing list of objections that I hear from potential critics of ColorFlash is, "But won't players pull their own shirts to deceive referees?"

The emphatic answer to that is, "Yes, almost certainly, but it's not as if it doesn't happen already."
There are some ridiculous examples of players pulling their own shirts available to view online so it will be nothing new.

We have looked at the subject in some detail in our research and our takeaways are the following:
  1. The body shape suggests self-manipulation.
  2. The nature of the tug itself is different in effect compared to an authentic infringement.
  3. Self-manipulation is relatively rare.
  4. If VAR is in use then the player may earn a yellow card.

So the main conclusion that we have arrived at is that self-manipulation already exists but ColorFlash will likely see it diminish as match officials become more attuned to spotting the shirt-pull.

If this all makes sense to you please take a couple of minutes to look at the Home page of this website and explore a little.

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