ColorFlash is a Winner!

The market is genuinely massive!

We are very clear that ColorFlash is a win-win project. We will have a range of products unlike anything else on the market. The market for replica shirts is over a billion euros every year in Europe alone. 

Shirts of clubs like Man Utd, Real Madrid and Barcelona sell from just below 2 million to almost 3 million replicas pr year. EACH! Add Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Juventus, PSG, Milan and Bayern and we have up to 13.4 million shirts from only ten clubs. 

The end-user market is massive and every little kid (and many not so little kids) is going to want to be wearing a ColorFlash shirt by the summer of 2022. 

These figures don't even start to consider the national team shirts for England, Germany, Brazil and all the rest. 

But it’s not just football. Basketball is another huge potential market which suffers from the same problem of tugged shirts. 

Other markets can include American football and handball as well. Then there is the old-fashioned, plain and simple fashion market – clothes that can change colour just for the sake of it!

Endless potential.

If this all makes sense to you please take a couple of minutes to look at the Home page of this website and explore a little.

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