The Journey

The technology behind ColorFlash has been several years in the making.

It began as an idea born of frustration whilst watching a football match.

The challenge was the issue of helping referees see that players are breaking the Laws of the Game when pulling on opponents’ shirts. The logical solution for ColorFlash was to develop revolutionary fibre and textile colour-change technology.

Then commenced a research and development collaboration with leading academics at universities in Scotland and Estonia.

Now, the project is ready to be rolled out.

NKTech is on the verge of launching a family of completely new technologies for permanent and temporary colour change of materials which are exposed to excess physical stress but the key to that is the ColorFlash shirt which shows when a foul is being committed.

It was said of Steve Jobs that, "Some see what is possible. Others change what is possible."

We don't claim to be as innovative as Steve Jobs – no, never! But we can change what is possible in the game of football. Right here, right now.