The Shirt

ColorFlash is an elegant answer to solving this annoying problem which is being perpetrated against our most creative footballers. 

The fabric of the ColorFlash shirt is woven from our proprietary fibre and when subjected to a sharp tug the structure of the textile distorts in a regular and controlled manner. The nature of the distortion is that the textile changes colour so that the tug is clearly visible to everyone within line of sight of the stretched cloth. 

Spot the difference
Blue can flash white, red can flash yellow, white can flash orange – the permutations are absolutely endless. As endless as the number of colour combinations that exist in football strips throughout the world’s favourite game. Teams wearing a ColorFlash shirt will immediately have a competitive advantage as tugs on their shirts will show as fouls. There is no comparable product available on the market, so the competitive advantage is unique and immediate.

The pull on the shirt becomes too risky for the opponent as the referee's opportunity to perceive the incident has increased exponentially.