We Are VAR+

Love it or loathe it, VAR is here to stay. The Video Assistant Referee has become a key component of football since its genesis, only a few short years ago.

One major criticism of VAR, especially in the context of the Premier League in England, has been that it slows the game down. However this is almost entirely down to the iteration implemented by the FA. For various reasons the English implementation of VAR has been poorly executed and, correspondingly, poorly received. It has been blamed for slowing the game down and that is indisputable but the fault for that rests squarely with the ponderous system adopted by the FA and not with VAR itself. For instance, witness the relatively slick integration of the system in Germany, the Netherlands (the home of VAR)  and France to see how the system can be used to full advantage.
Nonetheless VAR will prevail as that is what FIFA and IFAB have decreed, so there is no long-term mileage in the anti-VAR lobby. As of the 1st of July this year FIFA has taken control of issues concerning VAR and Pierluigi Collina, the Italian former World Cup referee and chairman of Fifa's Referees' Committee, has described this as a "natural transition".

As of this season VAR has been adopted in 45 national leagues globally in locations as diverse as Paraguay, Ukraine, Egypt and Vietnam in addition to the obvious candidates such as Germany, Brazil, South Korea etc. Furthermore, VAR is being implemented in national cup competitions and a whole host of club and national team tournaments run by continental confederations including UEFA, CONMEBOL and CAF.
ColorFlash will offer an enhancement to VAR by pinpointing the insidious shirt pull as part of the regular use of the system. No extra procedures are required to be enacted as the officials in the VAR Room are already looking for obvious shirt pulls.

VAR and ColorFlash are mutually compliant straight out of the box.

Refereeing teams need any assistance that they can muster and the technology of ColorFlash feeds into that need directly. This is undoubtedly why the feedback received from referees up to now has been unanimously positive. 100% approval from the group we set out to assist.

This is VAR+, courtesy of ColorFlash.

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